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About Ashley Prikryl Los Angeles based set designer and prop stylist.

About Me

After studying photography at the Columbus College of Art and Design, Ashley decided to uproot to Los Angeles and pursue a career that combined her love for photography and the arts.  It was there that she found her passion for art direction and story telling and began to take on projects that allowed her to curate objects and express her creativity while working in film & tv.  Having nearly a decade of experience in the motion picture industry, she realized Los Angeles had given her a gift.  She had gained knowledge in herself and how she could combine all her passions to broaden her professional career.

Combining her passion for photography and her career in production, she began to shoot still life and food in her tiny kitchen she had converted into a studio in North Hollywood, CA.   This is when she understood how story telling through props in motion picture and being a buyer had trained her to be detail oriented while styling for still shoots.  Branching out into the world of photography, pursuing styling, she has had the experience of working in both the commercial and fine art worlds.  

Her love for story telling through objects, color theory, functionality in design and the arts is something she manifests in her work.  She enjoys collaborating with other photographers, stylists and creatives to push boundaries and make beautiful things. Grateful for her experiences with prop assisting and being a buyer in motion picture, she looks forward to building her connections and clients in the print world while maintaining her running credits on IMDB. 

Ashley Prikryl